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Story Nights

We all know how a good story can sometimes touch the soul and inspire you, lightning up the mind.
The storyteller Piret Päär can tell such stories regardless of the time of year. She usually recites stories to adults, but she is just as excited to tell stories to children.

Story Night Concert

You can order a story night concert, where the music is played by Kulno Malva (accordion, garmon, bagpipes), Cätlin Mägi (bagpipes, whistles, Jew’s harp, effects pedal and looper), Hartwin Dhoore (diatonic accordion, pump organ).

Story Night with Dinner

Ene, the hostess of Männiku Metsatalu, prepares food that nourishes the eyes, stomach and soul. Piret’s moving stories, in turn, transform the listener’s ears into eyes.
When good stories and delicious food come together, a memorable experience is born!

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Nourish your belly and soul in a cosy scenic holiday farm.
Ene Sillamaa
The hostess of Männiku Metsatalu


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