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To Nature

  • hike in Loodi Nature Park, Sinialliku Fortress, Põrguorg/Hell Valley
  • pick herbs, wild strawberries, raspberries, nuts, and mushrooms
  • swim and go boating on the pond
  • ski on the varied Holstre-Poll trails, go sledding and skating
  • go for a bike ride to Loodi Nature Park, Sinialliku, Põrguorg, Õisu manor and smithy, Halliste church, Karksi-Nuia area, Rutu hills, Heimtali manor, vodka distillery and museum (shorter road 10 km, longest 50 km). Information about Viljandi bicycle trips can be found here

Our good partner Elamuspank offers active, playful activities: Elamuspank

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Nourish your belly and soul in a cosy scenic holiday farm.
Ene Sillamaa
The hostess of Männiku Metsatalu


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